Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles (CrB)
Erasmus CODE : B BRUXEL 07
PIC CODE : 944268132


The Erasmus coordinator of each Conservatory is responsible for the ERASMUS partnerships of their departments. They are responsible for providing academic advising and assistance to international Erasmus students at CrB, as well as students who plan to study abroad within the parameters of the ERASMUS exchange program.


Erasmus Coordinator - Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
Salvatore GIOVENI
30, rue de la Régence
1000 Bruxelles


Tuesday : 17h00-19h00 (address : rue de la Régence, 30 / 1000 Bruxelles)
Thursday : 17h00-19h00 (address : rue du Chêne, 17 / 1000 Bruxelles)

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles:



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