Upon your arrival in Brussels...

Please do not arrive in Brussels without a L.A. signed by the both Institutions ! The L.A. has to signed before the 15th June

1. Prepare your Learning Agreement (you must bring it with you or send by email before your arrival.
2. Sign in your Arrival Form at the Coordinator Erasmus desk (Administration Office, rue de la Régence)
3. Once your L.A. is signed and confirmed by salvatore GIOVENI (the Erasmus Coordinator), go to the Student Office of the Royal Conservatory (Administration Office, rue de la Régence) to register, ask your student card and your Professor's schedule or emails. You can ask their emails or phone number. With this student card you'll have access to the classes. Not before.
4. Go to the Conservatory Annex, called "Chêne", and you should present yourself at the reception desk as "Erasmus student"
5. Your courses schedule is avalaible here: http://conservatoire.be/wcrb_calendrier_courscollectifs
6. You'll receive your 80% Grant from your home institution as soon as your Arrival Form AND your Learning Agreement are signed in.

You have to finalise your Learning Agreement by yourself contacting the Professors and then, modify your L.A. and confirm it before the 18 september.


The new Erasmus students arriving for September 2015, should arrive the 12th September.

Erasmus and new students meeting day : 13th September 2016, 3 PM, at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles

Address: rue de la Régence, 30, 1000 Bruxelles




Source: http://www.aec-music.eu/staff--students/irc/step-by-step/student-mobility







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